Front End & Full Stack

Vue.js  WordPress  ES6 Vue.js WordPress Laravel

In this more recent season I have enjoyed doing front end development with Vue.js, delving into the latest Javascript, and WordPress. The tech stack has been on AWS using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, API’s and some third party integrations sprinkled throughout.

WordPress Development

WordPress  ACF  PHP HTML5 CSS3 WordPress ACF

In 2016 and early 2017 I primarily worked with WordPress development. The Advanced Custom Fields plugin was used on every site along with PHP to make various customizations and dashboard additions for users. Photoshop files were turned into responsive website designs.

AWS & Rails

AWS  Ruby on Rails AWS AngularJS Rails

The season spanning 2014 to 2016 was one of great transition. I started as someone just doing UX designs and prototyping and moved into a junior Rails engineer role. The company I was with had a lot of flux. The Rails stack was dropped for a new Node.js app. Contractors picked up the work and I mainly worked with AWS alongside our IT department and some front-end prototyping in AngularJS. Shifting back towards Front End Development, I assisted our outside team with WordPress, AngularJS, and a variety of design work internally.

WordPress & Design

WordPress  Design Illustrator WordPress Photoshop

WordPress website and brand development was the primary focus while doing freelance work. I had started out as a designer before this mainly doing print design, but my love for the web and the joy of building websites led me further down the development path with design becoming more of a supplemental skill.